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Quick Fix: Triceps

quickfixtricepsLots of ladies want to work their upper arms, but Tricep Kickbacks are often done wrong.  Use these tips for kickback perfection: CHECK YOUR FORM – head/neck/back should be in neutral alignment with your elbows high and tight against your sides SLOW & STEADY – stop using momentum; it builds little to no strength and muscle […]

More Flavor & Less Fat

COOK WHAT'S INMORE FLAVOR & LESS FAT When picked at their peak, you don’t need a lot of butter or cream sauces to enhance vegetables’ natural flavors.  Try grilling or roasting with a small amount of olive oil and herbs. SAVE MONEY When a food is not in season locally, it’s either grown in a hothouse or shipped in […]

Are You Competitive?

competitionUse your naturally competitive spirit to push yourself during workouts! BEFORE YOUR WORKOUT:  Set a goal just for today.  You could choose calories burned, number of reps or miles, completed classes; any goal you’d like!  IN A CLASS OR COACHING:   When you notice a fellow member who is pushing really hard, try to match their […]
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