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3 Steps to Weight Loss

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Is Your Workout TOO HARD?

Monday Motivation: The focus of your workout should be FULL RANGE OF MOTION Use exercise modifications when you need them, such as leaving 1 or 2 knees down during push-ups.  Focus on moving as far as possible in each direction during weight activities.  Doing so could increase your muscle strength and size more than if you performed […]
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Sitting is the New Smoking

Prolonged sitting is associated with 34 chronic diseases and conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, back pain, and depression. Monday Motivation: GET UP OFF YOUR GLUTES! Stand while on the phone Waiting for an appointment?  Stand up! Stand (or workout) during TV commercials Ditch the drive-thru - walk in! Plan walking meetings and let the creativity flow! Try an app […]

TIRED of Being Tired? Read this!

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Find yourself needing an afternoon “pick-me-up” just to get through the day? TRY SOME OF THESE: Carbs are not your enemy - if you pick the right ones.  Try brown rice, sweet potatoes, or a spoonful of honey. Most fruits can be easily and quickly digested for a quick, nutritious burst of energy.  Keep a banana, apple […]

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