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An Apple a Day…

Monday Motivation: In a new study at Cornell, people who ate an apple before grocery shopping purchased 28% more fruits and vegetables than those who’d eaten a cookie, and 25% more than those who hadn’t eaten. Healthy eating may put you in a healthy mindset – so try this trick before heading to the grocery, a party, […]

4 Common Workout Mistakes…

4  Mistake #1: DOING CORE WORK FIRST Whether it’s squats, lunges, shoulder presses, or step-ups, you recruit your core muscles for balance.  Wait to focus on abs at the end of your workout and they’ll already be in a partly fatigued state.  Bonus: This means you have to do less core work overall. Mistake #2: TOO MUCH STEADY-STATE […]
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Taking a Vacation… From the Gym?

Progress FadesYOU CAN LOSE UP TO 50% OF YOUR HARD-EARNED FITNESS GAINS IN A SINGLE WEEK OF INACTIVITY! Skipping a workout every once in a while is nothing to worry about – sometimes your body needs to rest and recover.  However, after 1 week off, you start to lose whatever progress you most recently made.  After […]
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Wonderful Customer Service, Great Prices and Free Personal Training!  I have been a member of a gym since I was 16 so its been a long time and I can honestly say Victory Lady offers the best value and service I have ever received. 

I just signed up there this summer. They have free personal training, aerobics, kickboxing pilates and other free classes everyday.  I was even gone for two weeks for work and after a little over a week of not going to the gym a trainer called me to see if they could get me in for a session since they noticed I hadn't been coming in. I was very impressed! 

I'm almost 7 months pregnant now and even when I work out on my own a trainer is always nearby and often times they offer advice or recommendations for me during my workout even if I don't have an appointment. The only down side is they dont have a daycare center so working out after the baby comes will be a little more of a challenge but I will manage. I recommend this gym to all of my friends now!

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